What we offer



        • individual
        • group
        • on location
        • in studio

Sound recording

        • exams
        • demos
        • live venues
        • cd recording
        • editing
        • mixing
        • de-noising
        • stereo and multichannel
        • producer advisory services



      • webdesign (based on wordpress)
      • we can also provide video registration, one and multi-cam setup
      • promotional texts


Having many years of experience and large amount realized projects
we offer anything from single photo-session and simple recording, thorough group pictures on locations,multichanel recording to full websites with sound, pictures and video.
As musicians ourselves we understand needs of other fellow musicians.
Clear communication, experience and sensitivity is crucial in achieving great
quality pictures or recordings.




We always start a project with clear understanding of the clients needs (aim of each project) and resources (time budget, location). The initial consultation, which we arrange by appointment means we agree on the basis for the project and the expected outcomes in advance. In our experience, a well-planned project makes for a less stressful and more fulfilling work.


Once agreement is reached as to the scope of the project, all our attention and energy is focused on best possible capture of the artist in their element. Through outstanding sound recording and photography we are able to create the elements that join together to convey the right image for our clients and their music. Those elements can be purchased separately for commercial /promotional purposes or we can incorporate them into a website created by our team here at MediaWeavers.


 We have a collaborative way of working and believe the best results are reached through co-creation. We work with each client to ensure the final product expresses their image and vision. We are well practiced in using latest technologies to hone the sound and visuals to perfection.

  • In photography, we can change the framing, adjust colours and mood, cover imperfections and more.
  • In sound recording we can seamlessly edit different takes, de-noise obstructive sounds, add high quality reverb to improve less than perfect recording locations, equalize and mix captured material.